How to Hire Us

From rapid research to full-change programs

Cultural Readiness Assessment

A new way to listen to and learn from your people

Hosted Strategy Workshops

A proven and collaborative way to identify solution spaces rapidly

Strategy & Communications Consulting

A flexible partnership, plugging in strategy and communications expertise to existing teams and initiatives

Change Marketing™ Programs

A full-service partnership, managing and delivering programs from Problem to Execution

Cultural Readiness Assessment

50%-75% of transformation initiatives fail. The majority of failures are caused by people and talent issues. Every change project should start with a clear understanding of your cultural readiness for change.

Our Readiness Assessment tool is a fast and effective method to identify your employees’ attitudes toward change and shine a light on “cultural norms”  that can hamper your ability to transform.

The tool models a set of personal behavioral and core company engagement belief metrics, to identify correlations within your culture that will either drive or disrupt change.

  • A simple, easy-to-use client-branded or white-label online research tool
  • Distributed to targeted employees via email, slack, or other platforms
  • Less than 10 minutes to complete
  • Create and distribute the tool
  • Analyze the results and present key insights and recommendations
  • Conduct a 2-hour workshop to assess the impacts on current and planned change programs

Hosted Strategy Workshops

Need to align on the core problem or speed up group decision-making? Our proven workshop process guides teams through collaborative discussion and individual contribution, with a flexible set of exercises designed to identify breakthrough solution spaces.

Our workshops typically run from 1-2 days, on site or at one of our locations, with an engaging, informal curriculum that combines human insight, design thinking, and creative ideation.

  • Workshop format and agenda designed collaboratively with our clients
  • We host, manage, and supply all materials
  • We moderate and guide all attendees through every session
  • We capture and collate all inputs
  • Client and guest speakers are welcomed
  • Fully managed and moderated workshop session
  • Curated readout of all ideation and agreements, and key recommendations for next action

Strategy & Communications Consulting

The talent and capability to drive meaningful change often already exists inside organizations going through transformation. The problem is that these teams are disconnected or hampered by internal barriers. Our strategists are bridge-builders, and our proven Change Marketing process is designed to break down these walls.

We are comfortable bringing additional strategic capability to existing teams, working behind the scenes as an agile SWAT team, guiding conversation and driving strategy from within.

  • Identify the strategic and process gaps preventing change
  • Deploy the right team and talent mix to bridge the gap
  • Work in-stream with current processes and schedules
  • Lead or support where necessary
  • The right team and time allocation without overlap
  • Collaborative engagement and regular on-site presence
  • Smart budget and resource management
  • Focused strategic deliverables, from leadership communications to activation strategy

Change Marketing Programs

New vision, structure, technology, process. Whatever change is needed, it requires huge effort and commitment. Dedicated teams increase the chance of success. Our team is focused on creating and delivering world-class change communications at the world’s best companies.

Our Change Marketing programs use a proven consumer-grade approach to reach leaders, managers, and employees. We uncover fresh employee insight, build powerful change stories, and craft compelling and provocative communication assets to drive belief and adoption across your organization.

  • Discovery — defines the problem, the ambition, and key employee insights
  • Strategy — develops the core change story, narrative, and communications approach
  • Design — develops key messaging, content, and channel strategy
  • Delivery — produces the communication assets and launches the program
  • Transition — trains key stakeholders and guides the handover of program management to internal teams
  • A Full Change Marketing™ Program strategy
  • All program deliverables, approved and ready for launch
  • A live program with measurement and refinement
  • A complete program playbook for internal training and management
  • End-to-end program management and client service