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    Cultural Readiness Assessment

    50%-75% of transformation initiatives fail. The majority of failures are caused by people and talent issues. Every change project should start with a clear understanding of your cultural readiness for change.

    Our Readiness Assessment tool is a fast and effective method to identify your employees’ attitudes toward change and shine a light on “cultural norms”  that can hamper your ability to transform.

    The tool models a set of personal behavioral and core company engagement belief metrics, to identify correlations within your culture that will either drive or disrupt change.

    • A simple, easy-to-use client-branded or white-label online research tool
    • Distributed to targeted employees via email, slack, or other platforms
    • Less than 10 minutes to complete
    • Create and distribute the tool
    • Analyze the results and present key insights and recommendations
    • Conduct a 2-hour workshop to assess the impacts on current and planned change programs