How we put

People first.

Most companies still approach employees as a resource to be managed. They are not. They are people, driven by their emotions, just like customers and consumers.

So how do you get your employees to believe in and adopt new ideas, processes, or technologies?

Treat them more like people.

Our proven Change Marketing process uses consumer-grade insight, strategy, and creativity to put employees at the heart of culture and change.

Change Marketing

Visionary plans nor technology alone can transform companies. Only people can. The stakes have never been higher.

How Change Marketing Works

We use a three-step, consumer-grade process to help companies design programs around their most valuable asset. People.

Culture Assessment

We assess the cultural norms at your company — what’s accepted behavior — to identify strengths that will accelerate transformation and weaknesses that will cause “tissue rejection”

Audience Discovery

We understand the best way to reach the people, what’s working, and what’s not, to inform creative development

Case For Change

We write you a compelling strategic narrative for why the change must happen, why it hasn’t already, the opportunities we face to overcome those cultural barriers, and the ambition that guides everything we do

Creative Development

We come up with the creative platform and brainstorm tactical ideas to drive awareness and engagement around the change

Change Program

We help you determine the benefits and experiences your change program needs to provide your people based on the cultural insights uncovered

Activation Toolkits

We create or help you produce consumer grade material your people can see, experience, and use so they can own the change, then we package it all up for easy distribution through managers

How we Partner

Effective employee communications are an essential ingredient in every change program. Only Local represents the voice of the employee throughout business transformation.

Business Integration

Technology Integration

Transformation Implementation

People Strategy

Employee Experience Program

Communications Program

Business Strategy

Internal Alignment

Internal Activation

Business Integration

Technology Integration

Transformation Implementation

Culture Change

Employee Engagement

Communications Program

Business Strategy

Internal Alignment

Internal Activation

How to think about us

We work alongside business consultants and internal teams to represent the voice of the employee in every initiative.

We Are

Marketing strategists


Obsessed with effectiveness



Agile and adaptive

SWAT Teams

We Are Not

Traditional business consultants


Obsessed with efficiency


Benchmark or best practice driven

Rigid in process

Long-term FTE placements