Designing a new path for Cru to talk about faith and reach broader audiences in cities around the world.

Change is hard. It starts with a unified vision and builds through every area of your business. If your people aren’t considered from day one, the chances of failure increase dramatically.

We bring world-class brand and marketing experience to leadership teams, crafting new vision for growth strategies. We work collaboratively across employee insight, vision narrative, organizational design, brand strategy, and stakeholder communications.

“It’s rare to have people seek to understand who you are with such tenacity. To create ideas and concepts that are being integrated into the very essence of our vision. Their experience and expertise has challenged our thinking and unknown assumptions, spurring us on to be a far better global organization. Our relationship has moved well beyond client-company to really seeking to accomplish something remarkable together.”

Vice President


Christianity is losing relevance in our changing modern world.


We exist to Journey Together with everyone, regardless of where they are on their faith journey.


Strategy for future brand vision, key internal and external messaging guides, and an organization wide system for categorizing audiences.