Zurich insurance company is committed to encouraging and celebrating the power of diversity in the workplace and were seeking to tell their unique contribution to the story for International Women’s Day. Local helped develop and uncover the authentic story Zurich had to tell in joining the rest of the world on International Women’s Day.

International Women’s Day is not about one company or one voice, but rather a chorus of voices from across the globe coming together to share stories around the same message.

In 2019 the message was BalanceForBetter. As a global company, Zurich employs women in a myriad of different roles and opportunities and decided to elevate and share these stories.

When a noble cause and reason to speak up are combined with story, craft, and insight there’s an opportunity to send a powerful message to the world and the team.

“It has been a real pleasure to partner with Local as strategic thought leaders. They are very good at getting into the crux of the situation quickly, understanding cultural nuances and intricacies adeptly and bringing a refreshing energy and creativity into the solution. We have immensely enjoyed working with them and wouldn’t hesitate to partner with them again in the future.”

Group Head of Employee Experience, Diversity & Wellbeing. Zurich Insurance


Diversity & Inclusion is not a checkpoint, but a mindset that impacts how we think and work.


Zurich joined International Women’s Day to celebrate #BalanceForBetter and stand by the belief that a more diverse world is a better one.


Toolkits and messaging guides for local markets to ensure that everyone could own a piece of the conversation.