We are working with the founders of Halla, AI software company, to build a core foundational element of brand, purpose, and culture as they prepare to bring their game-changing platform to the retail industry.

We build culture and change programs inside some of the world’s largest companies. The same techniques also bring value to new businesses on the path to rapid growth.

Your young company may not experience culture problems or need to drive change, yet. But without the core cultural elements in place early, these problems will manifest as you grow. And if you’re experiencing hyper-growth, they can hit fast and hard.

We adapt our proven process to help founders build a strong cultural foundation for growth. And because we are working directly with the creators of the company, we can work at a rapid pace.

“Our business needed a makeover, a new wardrobe, and a clear and compelling story. There’s no lag with Local – they dove in immediately, outfitted us with custom-tailored, state-of-the-art materials, and leveraged both qualitative and quantitative research in addition to their incredible subject-matter expertise, all to craft an absolutely killer cultural foundation. This framework has been a springboard for truly spectacular success – and there’s really nobody else to thank but Local.”

— Spencer Price, Co-Founder & CEO Halla


Food is the one of the few things that all people share.


Halla is the only software company that dynamically profiles human taste to inspire a more curious world.


A reliable brand and culture guide, a true north for who we are as a company.