Work performance reviews should help employees become better and more confident in their jobs. When employees are confident, companies are capable of incredible accomplishments that touch the lives of their customers every day. For years, GPI, like many organizations, conducted performance reviews annually, which isn’t frequent or intentional enough to make a lasting difference. What if they could change that?

To take on this challenge, GPI partnered with Local and leveraged the power of better conversations. This dialogue allowed managers and employees to share goals, find improvement opportunities, and provide constant feedback.GPI’s new Xccelerated Performance system makes reviews a monthly focus and prioritizes the relationships between managers and employees. With this new focus, people know where they stand, and everyone is empowered to focus on what matters most.

The current performance review process is not helping people become better and more confident at their jobs.


We can use the power of better conversations to share our goals, find opportunities to improve, and provide constant feedback so that we can all grow together.


Local developed a monthly review process, that prioritizes relationships between leaders and employees and focuses on three principles: reflecting on the work we’ve done, aligning with one-on-one conversations, and acting on the work to deliver business objectives.