A full communications and training program for Delta’s new shift management platform for Ground Operations and service staff. Our work included focus group research, communications strategy, and creative development.

An enterprise investment in a game-changing or efficiency-driving technology pays off only when your people support and adopt it.

Consumer brands know that you cannot launch a new product without investing deeply in marketing to build awareness, interest, and desire with every audience segment. It’s no different with your employees.

We use consumer-grade marketing techniques to launch and roll out new platforms, building the same levels of interest and engagement with segmented groups of employees.


Shift Trading is embedded in Delta’s culture, and the informal incentives build community and keep teams together. Also, managers’ influence matters.


Celebrate how change makes their lives better. The freedom of swapping shifts anytime and anywhere.


The stakes are high and employees can’t be distracted. We need to create “bite-size” messaging delivered “in stride“ with their daily routines.