We developed a curated learning program and communications campaign to support a transformative vision for digital led by P&G’s CIO and CHRO. The program creates personalized learning pathways from thousands of learning assets and is designed to reach every P&G employee around the world.

Learning is now an essential shield against the headwinds of change. Continual learning has never been so important, and companies that don’t invest in knowledge and skills growth have never been more at risk.

Creating a culture of learning starts with fueling the desire to learn and creating a safe environment where time to learn is respected.

We design custom learning programs around your people, starting with creating a learning mindset and designing curated packaging of new and existing content to help every employee create their own learning pathway.


Digital has many definitions, with time and workload making learning more difficult.


P&G needed a unifying definition of digital to cultivate short-burst learning habits “5 minutes a day.”


“Ignite” digital fluency launch with personalized learning paths to form positive learning habits.