Leaders and managers have a powerful impact on culture and engagement. How people leaders behave both fuels and cements cultural norms. Do your leaders and managers foster or freeze your culture?

We develop specific programs for leaders and managers to involve them more deeply in culture and change. From building benefit through more open, clearer communications to employee empathy and engagement training.

It is important for organizations to create and develop great leaders within their organizations, and we know from research that companies with great leaders create engaged employees.

We also know that companies with engaged employees have up to a 3.8% higher stock return over their peers, along with 21% higher profitability and 17% higher productivity over companies with disengaged employees.

We are currently creating a Leadership Ecosystem model for one of the world’s biggest brands, bringing together definition, guidance, experiences and assessments to help shape the next generation of leaders.

Source: Edmans, A. (2016). 28 Years of Stock Market Data Shows a Link Between Employee Satisfaction and Long-Term Value. Retrieved 1 August 2019, from: https://hbr.org/2016/03/28-years-of-stock-market-data-shows-a-link-between-employee-satisfaction-and-long-term-value

There are many definitions of a leader, and developing leaders is crucial to our success.


Leaders aren’t made overnight. Leaders need to continually learn and develop themselves throughout their careers to tackle larger, more complex challenges.


Leadership narrative and ecosystem model to guide leaders on their journey.