We are working alongside the Internal Communications, HR, and Transformation teams at UPS to build a companywide communications strategy to support the company’s major transformation initiative.

Building and maintaining positive culture happens through every employee interaction, every day.

Your employees are also smart consumers who tune out weak or badly targeted communications.

Your Internal Communications now need to be as good as your Consumer Marketing.

We help Internal Communications teams create highly engaging campaigns using consumer-grade techniques.

“Local is like no other partner I’ve worked with. We brought them in as creative consultants, but quickly benefitted from their strategic approach to communications and understanding of technology and process change. It made the difference in our success at Coca-Cola, and why we invited them to drive change again at UPS.”

Matt Parkey, VP of Transformation, UPS


Transformation has a branding problem.


UPS is investing in their people to grow.


Strategic planning, creative consulting, and “Always Striving” episodic film content.