Working across the globe, we helped one of the world’s most respected insurers find the unique magic of a typically conservative industry seeking to find a relevant answer to “why work for insurance?”

Your employee’s experiences are not a disconnected series of fixed moments. They are a combination of everything that happens to them and with them at work.

If employee’s don’t find passion and engagement in their work, then why should your customers? The path to a compelling consumer proposition is clarifying why people want to do the work in the first place.

We design People First employee experience platforms to guide every employee touchpoint — from recruitment to career development. We work from existing company vision and purpose, and build strategy and messaging in line with your external brand.

“It has been a real pleasure to partner with Local as strategic thought leaders. They are very good at getting into the crux of the situation quickly, understanding cultural nuances and intricacies adeptly and bringing a refreshing energy and creativity into the solution. We have immensely enjoyed working with them and wouldn’t hesitate to partner with them again in the future.”

Group Head of Employee Experience, Diversity & Wellbeing. Zurich Insurance


EVPs are a commitment that everyone makes to one another. A company is just people.


We benefit when our customers are cared for and everyone plays a role.


A unified EVP playbook and toolkit with flexibility for local market adoption and cultural activation.