Internal marketing teams and in-house creative agencies have their challenge cut out for them: create more world-class creative campaigns and content faster at a lower cost and with fewer people. Maintaining the objectivity and fresh perspective that leads to breakthrough creative requires an open, transparent culture and new ways of working.

Local’s founders leveraged their digital marketing expertise and experience leading creative and digital teams in some of world’s largest organizations to enhance the capability of Airbnb’s Art Department, channeling youthful energy into actionable reality, and scaling in-house creative ideas into integrated, global campaigns like “Live There”.

We bring our deep, extensive knowledge of digital marketing, advertising and communications and organizational design to teach in-house teams to develop specific ways of working and build expertise and capability that wins awards, drives revenue, and grows organizations.

“Local Industries is street smart, creative, brave and adaptable. They know how to navigate complex orgs at speed and do so in a way that brings everyone from their respective corners to center.”

Jonathan Mildenhall – CMO


Travelers want to experience “living like a local” when they travel with Airbnb.


Airbnb hosts are your guides to “live there”, whether that’s an adventure through Cuba, lounging on aprivate island in Belize, or spending a night in an igloo.


We developed the digital strategy and creative for the “Live There” campaign, including influencer & paid content..