We created a fully integrated communications plan centered on Workday Week, a high-intensity launch campaign with global and locally adaptable content to maximize adoption of the new Workday platform across Coca-Cola’s employee base.

Major investment in new technology platforms, process-change, or organizational design is at risk if you don’t involve and engage your people.

Success demands that your employees understand and adopt these new initiatives, and more than half of these projects fail when they don’t. Internal change needs to be marketed like a new consumer product.

We build full “Go-to-People” programs launch and roll out new initiatives across divisions and teams, using our core consumer-grade approach.

“Local Industries jumped right in, asked the right questions, and got to the business, advancing ideas, innovation, and creative quickly. They think broadly versus just what you thought you hired them for.”

HR & Workday Program Director


Digital transformation isn’t just about new technology, it takes a willingness to unlearn the old habits and adopt the new way of working.


Inspire people to believe that adoption is essential to their own personal growth and empower managers to be heroes.


Fully integrated Change MarketingTM program — “Workday Week” — drove 80% login in first two weeks.